MT Business & Networks have highly skilled individuals who are more responsible for the following but not limited to Environmental Impact Assessments, Biodiversity, Hydrology and Air Quality.

Furthermore in developing the State of the Environment Report (SOER) and appropriate indicators for the purpose of reporting on the state of the environment, we develop and maintain the research strategies into the objectives of planning instruments.

Facilitate development and implementation of Greening in our environment.

This entails providing knowledge and information, giving policy support and advice, managing gardens as windows to biodiversity for leisure, enjoyment, spiritual upliftment, education, and engaging in ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation programmes and best practice models to manage biodiversity better.

MT Business & Networks play a leading role in the negotiations around sustainable development, chemicals management, climate change, biodiversity and related heritage issues.

Waste management is also one of the key services which MT Business & Networks provide the environment sector with Waste generation, Collection and Transportation, Recovery and Recycling Methods, Treatment and disposal, and Analysis.