About Us


We have a proven record of effectively delivering diverse projects and services to our clients, handling projects either on direct contract basis or through full partnering.

We are driven to:

Form partnerships with our clients to provide sustainable services that are economically viable and value adding.

Participate in black empowerment deals that are aimed at increasing the involvement of black people in significant sectors

Empower multi-racial communities particularly forming partnerships and strategic alliances with various groups who share a common vision with us.


To become an Ultimate Business Partner


Our aim is to provide our clients with quality service, serve our customers with necessary and reliable service.

To see this projects being part of the broader supplier and networks

To envisage our activities to be on the international as well as local level

To share our knowledge and skills that we have acquired from abroad to the youth of South Africa

To value our clients’ needs very much as they are our main source of income

Continuously finding ways to improve our quality of service delivery.


The value proposition offered by MT Business & Networks is quite simple: timely and practical solutions for client’s problems and services, all at a very reasonable and competitive rates.  MT Business & Networks offers a 100% service satisfaction guarantee, thus building and retaining the client’s confidence.